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Compatible with devices using iOS 10 or later and Android 5.0 and up.

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The myNight™ app can provide immediate insights to your sleep

It's time to take action. The revolutionary and free myNight™ app uses the latest in sleep technology to track your snoring and help you understand your sleep health. There's nothing to wear or place under your mattress or pillow - just the myNight™ app and your smartphone.

There are many well-known health benefits that come from a good night's sleep, such as heightened alertness, boosted mood, increased energy, better concentration, more stamina, greater motivation, better judgement, and more. However, things like snoring can disrupt you and your partner's sleep, and can also be a sign of a sleep disorder called sleep apnea.

Sleep recording

Using just your smartphone microphone and speaker capabilities to track your snoring and sleep sounds, myNight provides insights into you or your partner's snoring. Start recording when you go to bed and stop when you wake up!

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Immediate insights

As soon as you wake up, myNight will give you an immediate insight into your sleep. By tracking you or your partner's snoring and sleep sounds throughout the night, the myNight app records the number of snores and breathing pauses, plus provides an audio playback of your sleep!

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Snoring and breathing pauses

While occasional snoring may not be a problem, chronic snoring can be a symptom of something a little more serious. Snoring at night is caused by the restriction of airflow through your nose, throat and airways. In some cases, this can interrupt your breathing completely, rousing you briefly to clear the blockage.

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Reasons to use the myNight app

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Non-invasive way to track your snoring and sleep sounds. It sits on your bedside table while you sleep!

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A simple and easy way to track your sleep each night.


Just hit the record button to start your sleep session and the app will do the rest!


Nothing to lose and everything to gain with the free Smartphone app

“My husband's snoring was driving me crazy. I got him to used the myNight™ app one night and when we reviewed the next morning it was easy to see and hear that he had a problem. We are now looking at solutions together so we can both get a good night's sleep.”

Donna, NSW

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